Pre Engineered Building is a metal enclosure building that includes a structural frame and standard roof and wall support which is factory made and is erected at the site. Pre-Engineered Building is a new manufacturing concept replacing traditional manufacturing. PEBs is seen as a breakthrough in the construction industry, resulting in less construction time, cost-effectiveness, high quality, low maintenance, consistent span. Pre-engineered buildings meet one of industry’s most critical criteria that is wide, column-free areas.


There has been a substantial rise in Pre Engineered buildings in recent years. Due to rapid construction developments and an increase in the need for quick-track construction in India.


In addition to being economically efficient, pre-engineered buildings are environmentally friendly ways to counter global warming. The prefabricated building saves time because it is designed in a very short period. The parts are prefabricated in accordance with the specification and transported to the site where they are assembled.


Multi Decor India Pvt. Ltd is a top leading pre engineered buildings manufacturer in India established in the year 1992. We manufacture, design and deliver a wide range of customised PEB structure constructed specifically as per the customer’s requirements. We provide every commercial requirement and being a leading PEB structure manufacturer, guarantees a high quality construction with quick installation.


Our concept is designed to provide a complete building envelope system which is airtight, energy efficient, optimum in weight and cost and, above all, designed to fit user requirements like a well fitted glove. PEB (Pre Engineered Buildings ) means that all the components are manufactured at the factory site and shipped to the location site to be assembled and erected at the site with the nuts bolts and anchor bolts. These types of buildings are also known as Pre Engineered Steel Buildings.


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