Whey protein is among the most extensively researched protein powder products available today, primarily for its ability to aid in muscle building and fat loss. Whey protein is also very easy to digest and contains very little lactose, a dairy sugar that can cause digestive distress in people who are lactose intolerant. As a result, whey is a potent protein supplement that almost anyone can incorporate into their diet.

Whey Protein Low-Carb Vanilla Protein Shake

Smoothies are the most popular way to consume protein powder, but they can become tedious after a while. Try this Low-Carb Vanilla Protein Shake with  Whey Protein instead of your usual smoothie recipe. It’s easy to make, contains 20 grammes of bioavailable protein, and can be shaken up in 30 seconds or less. It tastes exactly like a vanilla milkshake and is ideal for on-the-go nutrition.

Green Smoothie for Breakfast with Collagen Peptides and Whey Protein

This potent Green Breakfast Smoothie with Collagen Peptides and Organic Whey Protein is ideal as a meal replacement or a muscle-building post-workout snack at any time of day. It’s high in protein and functional fats from avocado and almond butter, as well as more than two cups of vegetables and low-sugar fruit to boost phytonutrients while keeping blood sugar stable. Healthy fats, fibre, and plenty of protein will keep you satisfied for hours.