The demand for steel structure products is increasing due to their quality of providing extensive benefits. Steel structures come with high strength and ductility that results in safety. With that, MUlti Decor India offers highly robust and super-quality steel structures. One of the top Steel Structure Manufacturers in India, we make products that are easy to fabricate and meet diverse applications. Our steel buildings come with a lower sectional weight and higher strength techniques. We being producing multiple special shapes, including angles, beams, channels, rounds, flats, squares. Our products come with high ductility, extreme strength, super bendability, straightness for better fabrication, and cost-effectiveness.

Light Gauge Steel Frame construction/ Lgsf technology is in demand and being adopted for construction in India. LGSF structures construction is a quick and easy solution for single to multi-storey buildings. Light Gauge Steel Frame construction uses cold-formed steel as the primary construction material. LGSF can be used for roof systems, wall systems, floor systems, roof panels, decks and also for the entire building. Light Gauge Steel Frame construction is made of Cold-formed steel (CFS) and it has a number of advantages such as high strength to weight ratio, dimensionally constant, easy to handle, cost-effective, lightweight, vermin resistant, and can be fabricated with ease to a wide range of products and sizes with nearly no material wastage. The top benefit of LGSF structures construction is that; it is sustainable in nature whose material properties do not change with time.

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