Fine jewelry is made by fusing precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver with gems like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Not as jewelry, the materials are priceless in and of themselves. The best heritage is fine jewelry since it can be easily repaired by a jeweler and is durable.

Although it is uncommon, jewelry made of such exquisite materials is expensive. The price depends on the type of metal and the cut, color, clarity, and carat of the gemstone.


For instance, since the first two alloys have higher quantities of other metals, 14k gold or sterling silver would be less expensive than 18k gold or platinum.

Pros of fine jewellery

  • Long-lasting

  • High quality

  • Elegant and valuable design

Why is fine jewellery better than fashion jewellery?

Fine jewellery is made from natural, precious stones and metals, as opposed to fashion jewellery, which is composed of synthetic materials or base metals. 

Although fashion jewellery is significantly less expensive than fine jewellery, it lacks the same durable features.

1. Fine Jewellery as an Investment: Fine jewellery is an investment because it won’t need to be regularly updated and will survive for a long time with good maintenance. Fine jewellery can also be passed down through generations and become a cherished family heirloom.

2. Very durable and long-lasting: Fashion jewellery would tarnish more quickly in daily activities than fine jewellery. It is secure to wear every day, get wet, and sleep in. As long as fine jewellery is maintained and cleaned as needed, it can last a lifetime.

3. Customizable: Fine jewellery can be made to order since it is constructed of high-quality materials, allowing you to pick every aspect of the piece’s design. You can choose from various precious metals, jewels, side stones, styles, and settings. 

4. Versatile: When complementing an outfit, fine jewellery can be worn on any occasion. It can accessorize simple ensembles to offer a personal touch, perhaps a mother heirloom or a birthday gift, as it can be worn every day. 

The secret to buying fine jewellery 

You are unaware of your knowledge! Although not all of us are skilled gemologists and jewellers, there are many experts who can provide advice and insight on all of the particulars that can be easily overlooked when buying fine jewellery. Here are the best secrets to buying the best fine jewellery.

  • Choose your metal of need

  • Ask about the treatment of gemstones

  • Choose the right setting

  • The LKC Experience