There is nothing more challenging than shifting to Redondo Beach assisted living community. But this can be the best decision of your life. Living in one of these communities means starting a new life after retirement and making the best out of it. While these communities allow you a sense of independence at the very best and at the same time, you can enjoy your personal place with great comfort and pleasure. 

Choosing the right apartment in these assisted living communities might not be enough. There is so much more that you can do with your apartment. Adding a personal touch to your room can make you feel more at home and can allow you to have a touch of your previous place. Adding your ideas of decoration can make you feel belong and reflects your personality within the larger community. There are many decorating ideas that you can adopt for your small or big community apartment to make it look more stylish and functional, as well as a distinctive retreat. 

To make your new apartment complement your lifestyle as well as accommodate your needs, here are some of the decorative ideas and tips which you can opt to personalize a space you feel proud to call home: 

  • Try to think less – We all want to do our best when it comes to decorating the new place we are shifting to. But there can be some assisted living pros and cons of the decorations; this is the reason that to avoid cluttering, you should try to think less. There are many items that can contribute to making your place cluttered or overcrowded. Thus, it is essential to pick as well as select the items wisely. You can even downsize the process and other items. 

  • Try to add sentimental items – It is highly essential to use your best judgment of yours but don’t try to underestimate the value of sentiments. Whenever you are moving into assisted living facilities, decorate with items that matter to you. This will help you to stay close to your fond memories. For instance, you can add a vase that you purchased on a trip with your family, photo albums which is full of your friends and family or add some novels which are close to you, etc. All these items hold great importance and will help to enrich your life for many years. 

  • You can add a mirror to enhance the room – There are a lot of ways that can be beneficial in enhancing a room that is small. One of them is adding a mirror in your apartment which will make it look appear big or large. This is known to be an interior designing trick that will help in opening up the room and will make it look more spacious than before. Moreover, adding a mirror will help in reflecting the natural light that comes in. This will make your space feel open as well as airy. 

  • Add some smiles in your room – This tip doesn’t mean to start looking for smiling decorative pieces. Whether you are living close to your loved ones or far away, you can always have them by adding nice photos of them in your apartment. You can add detailed picture frames which feature your friends and family members. Or you can go for digital photo frames, which can be beneficial in saving the space of your room as they cycle via a montage of your favorite memories. 

  • Go for functionality, security, and easy mobility – When it is about decorating or redesigning your Redondo Beach assisted living apartment, then it is important to think about how your loved ones will get to understand your space or what connection they will feel with your space. This is the reason that you should invest in compact and rounded furniture. Keeping your apartment space in mind while selecting the furniture will help you save its space. Also, try to go for rounded edges for your safety and easy mobility. 

  • Make sure that essentials are easily reachable – When you are organizing your apartment, it is important to consider that the things that you are going to use daily should be within your reach and accessible. You shouldn’t feel stressed, strained, or having difficulty in your own apartment. This can help you in many ways which you won’t be able to experience in your own home. Also, this will help to reduce hardships and will make your life comfortable as well as convenient. 

  • Make the best out of customization options – A lot of senior living communities allow you the opportunity to customize your apartment or space. For instance, the residents can select the finishes, and countertops, select the paint color of their room, appliances, as well as other customizations related to the apartment. This is a great way for you to select whatever you want and go with what your heart says. It will help you to decorate your room in the best possible way. 

  • Go for engaging colors – There is no harm in selecting engaging colors for your apartment. A lot of residents simply go with the room color that is offered by the facility. But selecting the color palette of your apartment and using rich and saturated colors will help you have a home-like experience in these communities. It is also proven that choosing bright colors can help in uplifting your mood and brings positive energy to the space that you are living in. Plus, it affects the aging process positively, especially for residents that are in need of memory care or are facing some memory-related issues. 



There can be some assisted living pros and cons of decorating your room or apartment. But your new place can not only be your home but a haven. The above-mentioned tips and ideas to decorate your assisted living community apartment will help you have a space where you can relax, rejuvenate, as well as enjoy the best years of your life.