(PDF) Collapse And Relativity

My persevering with research since that time (and the margin notes it engendered) led me in the end to the present holographic consciousness idea of Astro Biological Coenergetics and the beginnings of a new scientific paradigm and know-how derived from it — that I am still working on… Hopefully, “subsequent 12 months (or the yr after :-), Jerusalem.” ;-)>

The focus of their research has been to use masers to establish pairs of SMBHs or black holes which have just lately merged together. Within the merger situation, the brand сериал теория большого взрыва 2019 new black hole can “recoil,” which may clarify why its velocity is different from its home galaxy. If it’s a pair of black holes — a binary system — then the violent push and pull of gravity might be inflicting disturbances to its velocity.

“But how do you make them? O God, how have you ever made heaven and earth? Really, neither in heaven nor upon earth, have you made heaven and earth. Nor was it in the air, nor within the waters, for these too belong to heaven and earth. Nor was it in the one vast world that you made that one broad world, for before it was brought about to be there was no place where it could possibly be made. You didn’t hold in your hand something out of which to make heaven and earth: whence would you acquire this thing not made by you, out of which you’ll make a new factor? What exists, for any reason besides that you simply exist?” eleven