To say with absolute certainty that SEO will be exciting and engaging for everyone would be a lie. The fact is, there are certain aspects of SEO that can indeed become woefully monotonous. For example: having to explain the importance of SEO to a business owner – and indeed how long it can take to yield results – is an argument that gets very old, very fast. That said, unless you are in sales or go down the campaign management route, you can avoid talking to customers altogether (hooray)!

As a whole, the search engine optimization industry is incredibly broad, so it’s rare that people end up utterly bored by it. There are countless avenues that you can go down and you can be as generalist or as specialised as you like.

So, if you consider yourself something of a Jack of all trades and relish the thought of learning everything about SEO, you’ll never run out of areas to explore. Just as, HR Consultant Indianapolis if you are an avid problem solver and love studying analytics and figuring out how to leverage those numbers to your advantage, you’ll find an exciting and challenging career as an analytics expert.