ZtSports Zt Sports Provide comprehensive speed skating equipment sales, sharing expertise and technical support for short track, long track, and inline speed skating. Speed Skating Equipment, Short Track, inline Skates – Zt Sports SPEED SKATING EQUIPMENT Speed skating is a sport that requires specialized equipment to maximize performance and ensure safety. Here are some essential pieces of equipment for speed skating: Skates: Speed skates are designed with long blades that provide greater glide and stability on the ice. They are attached to a boot that is usually made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber. The blade length varies according to the skater’s foot size and skating style. Skin suits: Speed skating suits are made of a tight-fitting material that reduces air resistance and provides flexibility. The material used is usually a combination of spandex and nylon or polyester. Helmets: Speed skating helmets are designed to protect the skater’s head from impacts while also reducing air resistance. They are usually made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and are aerodynamically shaped. Gloves: Speed skating gloves are essential for protecting the hands from the cold and providing a better grip on the ice. They are usually made of lightweight materials that allow […] read more