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Staircase Refinishing from Industry Leaders

When we think of home renovation, the first thing that springs to mind is remodeling your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. But staircases are another element in households that can completely alter the look and feel of your interiors. Staircases are an integral feature of home architecture. Staircases with an outdated look can bring down the aesthetic appeal of your home. A staircase refinishing project can restore and uplift the aesthetics of your interiors considerably, not to mention that it ensures the safety of the members of the house. We’re your one-stop solution for stair refinishing, and stairs upgrade needs. If you’re looking to repair or replace your stairs, our expert refinishers and installers can take care of everything. Why Should You Consider Stair Refinishing? Apart from being a fundamental safety element in homes, stairs also add aesthetic value to spaces. Whether you’re completely remodeling your home or just want to replace the risers, keeping your stairs up-to-date is essential for your family’s safety. ● Safety Being one of the most used areas in a home, keeping your stairs in good shape is important to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. ● Aesthetics A well-maintained staircase also adds to the attraction of your interiors, which […] read more
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Transform The Look Of Your Home With Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If you are genuinely looking to add a touch of class & sophistication to your home, quality flooring services may be just what you need. Whether you are looking for hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpeting, there are a variety of options that can truly transform any space into something truly unique and remarkable. When it actually comes to refinishing hardwood floors, there are a few different options available. The most popular options are sanding and recoating, screening and recoating, and complete sanding and refinishing. Sanding and recoating involve lightly sanding the surface of the floor & then applying a new coat of finish. This option is best for floors with minor wear and tear. It is quick, cost-effective, and can be done in a day. Screening and recoating involve using a mesh screen to scuff the surface of the floor before applying a new coat of finish. This option is best for floors with a slightly deeper level of wear and tear. It is also quick and cost-effective, and can be done in a day. Complete sanding and refinishing involves completely sanding down the old finish & then applying a new one. This option is best for floors with deep […] read more
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