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Low-Code Application Development Platform

Low-Code is an application development method that elevates coding from textual to visual, thereby reducing the need for an extensive amount of coding. Rather than a technical coding environment, the DEW Low-Code app operates on a model-driven interface that includes drag & drop features, data binding, flow programming, query builder, UI Designer, and Code generation. As a result, all development skill levels — entry-level developers, professional developers, business stakeholders, and decision-makers (managerial levels) — can use or contribute to Low-Code application development solutions to build value-driven enterprise business applications. DEW Low-code application development platform (LCAP) abstracts, automates, and deploys every step of the application lifecycle in an efficient manner. Hence, app development is accessible to professionals of all skill levels including those without technical expertise, with features that accelerate the development process. Features of Low-Code To design and develop the most powerful applications with an easy and less coding approach, an enterprise needs DEW Studio. It effortlessly automates the workflows of the application development process. The cutting-edge applications can be crafted with minimal cost and resources in no time! Visual Modelling Tools The visual modeling tools and inbuilt guiding modules empower the users to easily create seamless applications. From expert techies to clerical employees, anyone can harness the […] read more
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7 Unbelievable Life-Changing Ways AI Is Making The World A Better Place

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a powerful tool for making the world a better place. From tackling global issues such as poverty and climate change to transforming healthcare and education, AI is helping to make life better for millions of people around the world. In this blog post, we’ll explore 7 life-changing ways AI is making the world a better place. From improving agricultural practices to advancing the development of renewable energy, AI is playing an increasingly important role in tackling global issues. We’ll take a deeper look at how AI is getting used in these areas. 1) AI is being used to diagnose diseases The potential of AI to revolutionize the healthcare industry has been widely discussed. One such area is in the diagnosis of diseases. AI-powered algorithms are being used to analyze patient data, such as scans and test results, and identify diseases quickly and accurately. AI-based diagnostics are also being used in the detection of more complex illnesses, such as cancer and cardiac arrest. This type of AI-driven diagnostics is more accurate than traditional methods and could lead to earlier detection and improved outcomes for patients. AI algorithms can analyze data from individual patients and use […] read more
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The 6 Ways Machine Learning Chatbots Are Transforming the Military Sector

The military sector is no stranger to technological advancement, and the current wave of artificial intelligence and machine learning chatbots is revolutionizing the way in which the sector carries out its operations. Machine learning chatbots are transforming the way in which the military sector operates in a variety of ways, from improving communication to aiding in decision-making. This blog post will explore the six main ways that machine learning chatbots are revolutionizing the military sector, from automating mundane tasks to providing personalized advice. With the help of machine learning chatbots, the military sector is more efficient, secure, and cost-effective than ever before. 1) Providing mental health support to soldiers in combat zones Deployment in a combat zone can be incredibly difficult and stressful for any soldier. Mental health support is essential in order to maintain morale and effectiveness in the field. To this end, military forces have begun to incorporate machine-learning chatbots into their operations. These chatbots are capable of providing vital mental health support to soldiers in combat zones, enabling them to receive advice, guidance, and access to resources they need while they are deployed.  The chatbots are programmed with algorithms that can detect common signs of stress and […] read more
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Can Accounting Software Help Reduce Costs?

You might be wondering how Accounting Software will help my company save money ? Here is the answer,  Online accounting software can save your company about hours of work in a year. This takes into account time spent on things like completing routine jobs, correcting accounting mistakes, creating financial reports, and so on. Using Accounting software is necessary for financial managers and business managers of companies to understand the daily transactions of their respective business organizations. Moreover, proper accounting software can also help reduce the operational expenses of a firm. Financial experts mention that to reduce costs in the workplace. It is necessary to use software-based accounting solutions that help business managers identify unnecessary expenses and reduce them. It can also help managers do predictive analysis. For example, if you have to prove expensive, you can use a accounting system to identify the sources that are causing the project to become expensive.  Similarly, the same system can be used to identify bottlenecks, and you can take steps to prevent these from occurring. Bottlenecks in projects can do projects to become expensive. But with a software-based accounting system, you can do predictive analysis and take steps ahead to prevent unnecessary expenses.   Some of the […] read more
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The Future of Mobile App Development: Emerging trends to watch out for 2023 and Beyond

Mobile application development has transformed into an essential component of the current digital era. An app exists for almost every facet of life, from financial management to e-commerce, and the count of available apps continues to mount. The domain of mobile app production is continuously progressing, with novel techniques and trends emerging continually. To remain ahead of the game and create original apps that compete, developers must remain up-to-date on the latest improvements. As the domain persists to change, it is vital to remain mindful of the up-and-coming trends and techniques driving innovation in mobile app production. In this blog post, we will explore the paramount trends in mobile application development and their prospective impact on the domain. The Evolution of Mobile App Development The mobile app domain has undergone remarkable growth in recent years. Statista reveals that the count of downloads from global app stores in 2020 reached 204 billion and is anticipated to generate over 613 billion USD in revenue by 2025. This development is driven by several factors, including the burgeoning fame of smartphones, the growing desire for ingenious apps, and the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. As the domain progresses, […] read more
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INI Technologies

INI Technologies Private Limited, based in India, is one of the industry leaders in enterprise solutions, software development, and information technology consulting. We are experts in business applications, web design, e-commerce solutions, connectivity, and enterprise networking. We also specialize in ERP software, e-governance applications, digital transformation services, and business applications. Since its founding in 1994, INI Technologies has established a solid client base, a successful track record, and consistent growth. Tender Management Software We offer the next generation ERP Software with GST/VAT Support, granting worldwide integration of your business processes & functions among the business stakeholders. iBusiness Suite ERP Software Solution meets all the processes in any organization, whether Small, Medium or Large with integrated Financial. It is powered by effective workflow and runs as a core centralized application which uses the browser as the user interface. When every other ERP Works on traditional platforms, our ERP Software Solution runs on 3rd generation web technology, that supports cloud-based ERP solutions like Private/Public clouds, and integration of modes of communication like Data, Voice, and Video.It’s mobile friendly and ensures easy access from Smart Phone and Tablets even in mobility for the authorized users. It is Green! End to end communications, approvals, and documentation […] read more
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Novedades de la Carta Digital Cuiner

Con el software para restaurantes Cuiner mejorarás la calidad del servicio al ofrecer información sobre platos y la composición de las recetas. Además permite configurar avisos personalizados sobre recomendación o disponibilidad de platos, así como avisos sobre alérgenos. La Carta Digital para restaurantes Cuiner incluye ahora un potente gestor de imágenes desde el que podrás fácilmente asignarlas a platos, familias y elaboraciones, tanto para el TPV como para la carta. Además, si eres usuario de CuinerTPV, con un solo clic convierte tu carta actual en una #CartaDigital a la que tus clientes podrán acceder dede su propio movil con un simple QR.    read more
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application designer

Streamline and automate all statutory and labour law compliance processes to help enterprises with risk-free management. Reach us to fulfill the regulatory compliance needs. read more
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